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Online Learning

MCAD Online Learning promotes the use of web-based education to support and enhance the College, Aeos curriculum and online programs. We have experimental as well as practical and basic online courses that are taken by our degree-seeking students, high school students interested in attending art school early, art and design professionals, arts educators, and other life-long learners.

We use the Blackboard LMS (learning management system). Besides the opportunity to take fully-online classes, all degree courses use Blackboard to add interaction to their face-to-face classes. Faculty are required to post syllabi, mid-term, and final grades in the Blackboard classroom. MCAD Online Learning also enables faculty living in other parts of the country (or world) to teach classes in specialized topics. Students who are on Mobility or Study-Abroad programs may take online classes in order to keep up with their requirements and credit loads. Online courses provide flexibility for students who are juggling education, work and other responsibilities.

MCAD's website is the best source of information about current online learning courses and programs. We are also available to answer questions in person or online.

Director, Online Learning
Room M101
Instructional Technologist, Online Learning
Room M101
Assistant, Online Learning
Room M101

Getting Ready for Online Learning (BB9), Working in your Online Classroom (BB9), General Questions (BB9)

Online Learning, Blackboard Teacher Tips (BB9)

Online Learning, Getting Ready for Online Learning (BB9)

Online Learning, Working in your Online Classroom (BB9)

Online Learning, General Questions (BB9)