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Student Counseling and Wellness

Student Counseling and Wellness Info


Client Information

Please read this information carefully and completely. It
 provides important information about counseling services and


Minnesota Data Privacy Practices Act: Your Right to Privacy and Confidentiality

No information about you will be released to persons or agencies 
outside this office without your written consent except by court 
order. If anyone wants information from us or from your records,
 your permission in writing on a special "Release of Information" 
form is necessary. Before giving permission, satisfy yourself 
that the information is truly needed, that you understand the 
information being sent out, and that releasing the information 
will help you. You have the right to approve or refuse the 
release of information to anyone, except as provided by law.

Rare EXCEPTIONS to the above information release procedure are 
noted below under the heading "Confidentiality."

Professional Fees

Current full-time or part-time MCAD students pay no fees for our services. If you accept a referral to any other practitioner for
 all or any portion of your care, you are fully responsible for any
 costs incurred.

Scheduling and Cancellations

Appointments may be scheduled directly with us by phone, via e
mail, or in person. When we are out of the office, appointments may
be scheduled through the Student Affairs Office, M104 Morrison,

Once an appointment is scheduled, you are expected to attend
 unless you cancel or reschedule. It is common courtesy to
 provide at least 24 hours notice of appointment cancellations.
 That way, other students may have the opportunity to see us during
 that time.

If we are unable to attend, either a member of 
the Student Affairs staff or I will email you at your MCAD email

Contacting a Counselor

When in the office, we make every effort to return phone and
 electronic messages as soon as possible. However, we are often not 
immediately available. Our phone is typically answered by a
 confidential computerized voicemail system that we monitor only 
when we are in the office. Remember, as per MCAD policy, emails are not
considered fully confidential. If we are not available for an
 extended period, our outgoing voicemail and a sign on our door will 
typically indicate when we will return.


If you experience an emergency and need to speak with us with some 
urgency, please note that in the message you leave. If you 
cannot reach us, or are calling in the evening or on a day that we are 
not in, you may contact:

  • for emergency situations, the Hennepin County Crisis Intervention Center at 612.596.1223
  • for other situations, the Crisis Connection at 612.379.6363

Contact Outside of Sessions

Especially in a community as small as MCAD, we may run into one 
another outside of our therapy hour, either while you are a 
current client, or after you have terminated therapy with us. If
 that happens, we try to continue to observe your right to privacy 
and confidentiality by not acknowledging you unless you first 
acknowledge us, and then only in a way consistent with the way in
 which you first acknowledged us. No one that we may be with will 
know of your professional relationship with us unless you choose 
to reveal that.

Professional Records

Both law and the standard of our profession require that we keep
 appropriate treatment records. You are entitled to review your 
records, or if you wish we can prepare an appropriate summary.
 Because these are clinical records, they can be misinterpreted and/
or can be upsetting. If you wish to review your records, we recommend that you do so in our presence so that we may discuss
 what they contain.


If you are dissatisfied with any part of your work with us, we welcome hearing directly from you. If you are unable or unwilling to talk directly with us or are still dissatisfied after doing so, you may contact Jen Zuccola, Director of Student Affairs, at 612.874.3626. Any unresolved complaint about us or any other psychologist may be directed to the Minnesota Board of Psychology, 2829 University Avenue Southeast, Suite 320, Minneapolis, MN 55417-3237.


The information you share will be held in strict confidence, except under the conditions listed below. Therefore, what you say will not be shared with any person or office without your written permission.

The following may be exceptions:

  • We must report the neglect or physical or sexual abuse of a child or fetus.
  • We must report serious threats of homicide or physical violence against another.
  • We must report maltreatment of vulnerable adults.
  • In cases of threatened suicide, at least one concerned person and/ or the appropriate police agency may be contacted to intervene and the client will be referred for evaluation or possible hospitalization.
  • When a client with a history of physically or sexually abusing others terminates therapy against our advice, we may notify past victims of the abuse that the client has terminated therapy against our advice so that proper precautions may be taken.
  • If you reveal that a therapist or other health professional has engaged in unethical behavior, such as sexual contact with a current or recent patient, we may be required to contact the professional's licensing agency.
  • If your records are subpoenaed during some legal action taken by you or another party, I must relinquish them to the court.
  • At times, we may seek out consultation about some aspect of my work with you with other professionals. Usually it will not be necessary to share identifying information with the consultants. The consulting professionals also must abide by Data Privacy Act and provide confidentiality in all cases. Unless you object, we will not tell you about these consultations unless we feel that it is important to our work together.