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All of the pieces needed to join the secured MCAD wireless network are already included in Android OS 4.x and above. All that is necessary is to configure it properly.

  1. From your device, open Settings, open Wi-Fi 
  2. From the screen that follows, touch the MCAD network 
  3. Touch Connect 
  4. Set EAP Method to: TTLS 
  5. Set Phase 2 authentication to: PAP 
  6. Set Identity to MCAD account username (e.g. dhasselhoff). Do NOT add to your username 
  7. Leave Anonymous identity blank 
  8. Enter MCAD account password in password field 
  9. Select Don't Verify for CA certification. (This should be the default setting).
  10. Touch Connect 
  11. Your device should automatically connect to the MCAD wireless network when it is within range. If it doesn't connect automatically, you may have typed your password incorrectly. Start over at step 1 to correct the problem. 
  12. For any assistance, please stop by the HelpDesk in 319 or call 612-874-3666. 

*If you connected to the MCAD-GUEST network to do this, please "Forget..." the MCAD-GUEST network in your Settings so your device doesn't connect to it automatically in the future. 
*Please note that in order for these steps to be successful, the mobile device being used will require that Android firmware version 5.0 or greater be installed.

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