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All of the pieces needed to join the secured MCAD wireless network are already included in Android OS 4.x and above, all that is necessary is to configure it properly.


  1. Select "Settings" from the main screen
  2. Select "Wireless and Networks"
  3. Select "Wi-Fi Settings"
  4. Select the network named "MCAD". (You may be prompted to set a "Credentials Password", please do so. A credential password is necessary to protect your MCAD credentials on your Android device)
  5. In the "Connect to MCAD" dialog enter the following info:
  6. EAP Method: TTLS
  7. Phase 2 Authentication: PAP
  8. Identity: your MCAD short username (ex:okenobi)
  9. Anonymous ID: leave blank
  10. Tap "Connect"
  11. Enter your MCAD password when prompted

Enjoy MCAD wireless.


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