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Binding Options in the MCAD SB

There are several types of book-binding the MCAD Service Bureau can help you with:

Booklets - This is often called saddle-stitch, magazine binding, or staple binding. We can help you set up your document to print directly from InDesign and have the Konica or Canon fold and staple the booklet for you. See THIS ARTICLE for instructions on file setup. The maximum amount of sheets our machines will fold and staple is about 25 (which would make a 100-page booklet).

Perfect Bound Books - Also called a paperback book. Check out THIS ARTICLE for instructions and tips on file setup and preparation. This is a great option for books 20 pages or more. Plan for a 24 hour turnaround!

Spiral Binding - This is just like a wire bound school notebook. With the right content and choice of wire color this can produce an elegant effect. We stock wires in Black, White, and Silver, in sizes ranging from 1/4" to 9/16" in width. Max page count for this type is about 150 pages.

Velo BInding - This is a plastic strip that holds together documents, kind of like a school report cover. Can hold up to 200 pages, only comes in 8.5x11" width/height.

Please check in with our staff in advance for any binding projects. Often they go smoothly but we can anticipate any issues or answer questions and solve problems ahead of time. EMAIL US or call (612-874-3786 or x1786) to schedule an appointment.

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