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(Faculty) How do I log in to upload selected assignments and documentation to my Department Chair through the Course Work server?

At the conclusion of each semester, all faculty are required to submit a selection of completed student assignments and/or project documentation for each of their classes to their Department Chair. MCAD provides a server-based submission tool to facilitate these submissions.

For additional information on file formatting standards, please see the KB article: Format Recommendations for Archiving Student Work.

If you experience problems connecting to your Course Work server, please email or stop by Help Desk 319 during regular office hours. 

To access your Course Work server folder using an Apple computer (both on and off campus):

  1. From the Finder, pull down Go > Connect to Server. The Connect to Server window appears. In the Server Address field, enter ''. Click the "Connect" button to continue.
  2. Sign in with your MCAD Login - make sure you use your short username / password combo (e.g. rmoranis / <password>).
  3. The server volume will now appear on the desktop, named "Course Work Archive".
  4. Open the current academic year folder (i.e. "2015-2016").
  5. From there, open the current academic semester folder (i.e. "Fall")
  6. Scroll through the folder listings to find your class. Class folders are named by course code and class name. You will see all classes listed, but you will only have access to the classes in which you are enrolled.

Once inside that semester's classes' course work folder, you may drag and drop folders and/or files of saved work. Your Chair also has access to this server and will download the submitted files at their convenience. Two weeks after the start of the next semester, the previous semester's folder is locked and additions are no longer permitted.
To access your Course Work server folder in Windows: It is only possible to access the Course Work server via SFTP on Windows. Please see this KB article for details.
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