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How Do I Export/Archive My Course?

(To read about the difference between Course Archive and Course Export, click here.)

To export or archive your Blackboard course:

  1. Go to Control Panel > Packages and Utilities > Export/Archive Course

  2. Then, click the Archive button.

  3. In the "Archive Course" window, hit "Submit"
    Click Submit

  4. You will receive a note about your action being successfully queued and an email being sent to you:

  5. After you receive the email (it may take a minute or two depending on how large your course is), again access the Export/Archive section (refresh). Your exported/archived file is now visible. Click the link to download it to your computer.

    Note: Your archive package (a zip file) contains Blackboard specific files that need to remain intact to restore your course in the future. Do NOT remove files from the package or unzip the package and try to restore individual files within the package. Doing so may make your archive unusable.

  6. After downloading the package, remove the course archive from Blackboard by selecting the "double-down" arrow and choosing delete. Course archives and exports can be quite large, and if they aren't removed they may push your Blackboard classroom over the file storage quota.

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