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How Do I Get a CD/DVD Label printed?

The Service Bureau has the power to print your image or design directly onto the surface of a CD or DVD. Turnaround time is up to 48 hours though most orders will be completed within 24 hours. If you need large quantities of CD/DVD labels, please allow for extra time. The cost of a label print is $0.50, the cost of a printable CD/DVD is $1.00.

1) Go to the Service Bureau's Intranet page .

2) Choose either the CD or DVD Label Template from the list of Downloads at the bottom of the page. Download this TIFF file to your user directory or Temp_Storage (depending on where you're working).

3) Create your design in this TIFF file using the various layers as a guide to the size of the disc.

4) When finished with your design, turn off the grey guide layer, and outline guide layer, leaving just the white overlay layer.

5) Flatten your image and save as a TIFF.

6) Create a New Folder, label it with your name, and copy your TIFF into that folder.

7) In the Finder go to the GO menu and choose Connect To Server.

8) Choose the SBDROPBOX.MCAD.EDU and log on using your MCAD login and password.

9) Copy your folder into the CD Printer Dropbox (you will be warned that you cannot see the results of this action - click OK).

10) Visit the SB and fill out an order form for your CD/DVD Label and pay.

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