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How do I print my own photo-quality inkjet prints in the Service Bureau?

You can pay to have the Service Bureau make your prints for you or you can print them yourself on the SB's Epson print stations.

There are four Epson print stations in the SB. Two 4900 printers are set up with Photo Black ink, and two 4900 printers set up with Matte Black ink.

  • Sign up for a timeslot in the scheduling book on the SB counter.
  • Supply your own paper (you can buy sheets of paper in the SB, the Art Cellar or local suppliers like West Photo).
  • An instructional how-to manual is provided at each print station and there is staff on hand to answer any questions or assist with printing.

You log in to the print stations with your own MCAD Login. You can copy files off your student server to the local Temp Storage drive or transfer files with the USB thumb drives at each station and print away!

Remember: When you hit print, your PaperCut account is charged based on the page size you selected

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