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Media Center Reservation System User Guide

Media Center Reservation System User Guide



The Media Center Reservation System can be accessed at 

Log in using your MCAD username and password:




Patron Dashboard

The Patron Dashboard displays your 10 most current Checkouts, up to 10 upcoming Future Reservations, and your 10 most recent Completed Checkouts:

patron dashboard


Create a New Reservation 

1. Click the reservation buttonbutton on the top left. 

2. Beginning in the upper-left, set the Reservation Start and End Times.

IMPORTANT - it is YOUR responsibility to set and remember your reservation start and end times! If you fail to pick up your reservation on or before your Start time the reservation will be automatically delated by the system. If you return your items after the reservation End time you will be fined a late fee.

pickup time


Note: Reservation Start and End times can only be set for hours the Media Center window is opened. Setting either for a time the window is closed will result in an error message error in the bottom-right. Clicking on this error icon will display what is wrong. error detail


3. Once you have correctly set the pick up and return time, select the item or items you want to reserve. You can search for items through either the branching menu, or by typing in the search box.

menu items
find by search


 4. When a resource type is selected from the menu all resources of that type will appear in the center of the page with their availability status. To add an available resource, click the plus icon next to its name. The item will be added to your reservation and to the shopping cart icon in the upper right.

shopping cart

IMPORTANT! Media Center policy allows for the reservation and checkout of no more than one of many kits such as DSLRs, Wacom tablets, laptops, etc. If you attempt to add more than one of these restricted items the system will give you an error message error and prevent you from completing the reservation until the extra items are removed. Example:

resource limit

5. Clicking on the Shopping Cart icon will show you the full list of items you have added to this reservation. You can click the remove icon to remove an item from your reservation.

shopping cart detail


6. Optional: You can also choose to enter a Note (personal reminders to yourself) to this reservation by clicking the note icon.  Icon will update note 2 when notes are added.

7. Optional: You can choose to make this a Repeating reservation by clicking the repeat icon icon. Repeats may be either Single Repeat (happens once again) or Multiple Repeat (ongoing for a set number of days or duration.)

8. When finished setting your reservation, click the Confirm button.

 confirm button

If the Confirm button is not available, the error icon appears. error Click the icon to view the errors. Errors must be corrected to confirm the reservation.

Reservations must meet all policy criteria, patrons cannot have a Hold, cannot have an Overdue Notice, must have a Media Center usage agreement form signed and on file, and cannot have any Late items currently checked out. If any of these conditions are not met, the Reservation cannot be confirmed.

9. If successful, the system will inform you the reservation has been confirmed. 

reservation confirmed


10. The reservation will now appear in the Dashboard as a Future Reservation.

upcoming reservations


11. Log out of the system when finished from the upper right link. logout



Email Reminders 

You will receive email reminders sent to your MCAD email address at the following times:

  • Created Reservation: Sent immediately after you submit a new reservation. This email lists the items you reserved and your requested pickup and return date and times.
  • Reservation Picked Up: Sent immediately after you visit the Media Center window and check out your reserved items. Lists the items you checked out and their return time.
  • Checkout Return Reminder: Sent 2 hours prior to your selected Return Time - reminding you you have item due back and when they are due.
  • Checkout Returned: Sent immediately after you return your items to the Media Center. Lists the items returned and any associated late items, if applicable.
  • Overdue Checkout Reminder: If you have late items - sent 30 minutes after your scheduled Return Time - reminding you you have items due back that are now late.



Edit or Delete Reservations

Existing upcoming reservations can be edited from the Dashboard.

1. Login to using your MCAD username and password.



2. Under Future Reservations, click on the reservation you want to edit or delete.

edit reservation


• To Delete a reservation click the Cancel Reservation button. The system will ask you to confirm. Click Yes to continue and the reservation will be immediately removed from your account.



• To Edit a reservation, click the Edit Reservation button. The system will take you to the reservation tool screen. From here you can add additional items, use the calendar tools to change the pick-up or return times, or use the shopping cart tool to delete items from your reservation.

edit reservation


When finished with your edits, click the confirm button. A pop-up message will confirm the changes have been made.


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