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Where can I find publicly accessible printers and copier at MCAD?

Publicly-accessible printers (and copiers, where noted) can be found in the following places at MCAD:

Service Bureau (Main Building, 220: black & white and color printers available)

Design Annex (Main building, 231: black & white printer)

Library (Morrison Building, L105: black & white printer/copier, and color laser printer)

3rd Floor Main Building (near the South elevator, black and white copier/printer available)

Learning Center (Morrison Building, L110: black & white printers)

BS Visualization Labs (available to BSV students only)

Senior Design Studio (available only to students with studio space in the Senior Design studio)

Comic Studio (Main building, 120: black and white printer)

Note: None of these printers are available off-campus. You must be on-campus and connected to MCAD's network to send a print to one of these printers.

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