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Show Opening at the 3D Shop Mini Gallery

Stop by to see new work by Howard Quednau in the 3D Shop Mini Gallery in honor of the upcoming Mechademia conference!

"Schoolgirls, Mobile Suits and Cats"

MCAD Fine Arts Chair Howard Quednau's tiny tribute to the long-running Mechademia conference features a dumpster, a (very small) Gundam and a 1957 Daihatsu, as well as a couple of schoolgirls and some playful cats-all in 6"x6".

The Mini Gallery is a renovated tool locker in the 3D Shop. The purpose of the Mini Gallery is to show the beauty in the small things. Applicants are encouraged to explore tiny artwork from many directions: found object, new work, miniature replicas, etc. Find us on Facebook Here!

Are you interested in submitting work to be exhibited in the Mini Gallery?

Please submit The Mini Gallery application to

Tuesday, September 5