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One World Over

Friday, September 7Sunday, September 23

This gallery is designed around showcasing some of MCAD’s strongest illustrators and comic artists. The theme “One World Over” provides a loose outline that can be approached from a variety of different viewpoints and thematic interpretations. There are no restrictions on subject matter; rather, each artist approaches the concept with their own unique voice. It could be about space exploration, an alternate universe, or something inspired by the mythological or unknown.

Participating Artists
  • Emily Allen
  • Ree Baswell
  • Mer Brich
  • Danica Chalmers
  • Lucy Comer
  • Alex Conkins
  • Lauren Franklin
  • Melanie Gaudet
  • Kate Hadden
  • Katie Healey
  • Kelalani Jankowski
  • Hannah Jerrie
  • Rachel Johnson
  • Mari Larsen
  • Rose Lewis
  • Bree Linville
  • Iris Monahan
  • Mulch
  • Ari Kade Owens
  • Edie Voges
  • Violet Palamoytis
  • Issac Passwater
  • Chiny Soukhoummalay
  • Edie Voges
  • Jack Walgamuth
  • Missy Weir
  • Kam White
  • Emily Wilde
  • Stella Williams