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Anna Chisholm and George Hoagland

Faculty Biennial Forum Series
Friday, September 21
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12:00-1:00 p.m.

Anna Chisholm (Liberal Arts)

Presentation: "E Pluribus Unum: A Conversation about History, Race, and Public Art"

George Hoagland (Liberal Arts)

Presentation: “Hang-based Pedagogy™: Academic Survival in Queer Times”

Working with collaborators in the Situated Critical Race and Media (SCRAM) group, George Hoagland presents The Media Map Lab, a FemTechSonic project that is an online multimodal plug-n-play pedagogical platform with iterative playlists for collaborative critical making and mapping of media. This work represents SCRAM’s system of global collaboration and connected learning that serves lineages of intersectional feminists and technologists, teachers and learners in a variety of learning environments, including universities, community organizations, youth centers, adult education, and others. The first set of playlist themes are: Games, Sound, and Location. Each playlist contains a media piece (podcast, digital game, or other media), links to readings, discussion questions, and an activity, such as cooking recipes and dance videos. These playlists act as invitations for learners to create and share their own critical making responses to curated materials on our platform. This presentation will highlight the collective process undertaken to establish the working group, implement praxis, build the platform, and develop content for beta testing.