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Facilities - Administration

The Facilities Department is responsible for the planning, scheduling, designing and administration of:

  • Routine Repair, Routine Maintenance and Preventative Maintenance of all campus buildings and campus systems.
  • New Construction/Remodeling/Restoration/Alterations/Capital Renewal Projects
  • Electrical (Inspect, Plan, Layout, Maintain, Repair to Code)
  • Heating, Ventilating, Air Conditioning, - Climate Control
  • Plumbing (Inspect, Plan, Layout, Maintain, Repair to Code)
  • Custodial Services - All Campus (Gallery, Restrooms, Classrooms, Studios, Darkrooms, Offices)
  • Carpentry (Roofing, Masonry, Doors, Hardware, Locksmithing, Woodworking, Interior Wall Substrates, Painting, Metal Work, Ceilings, Floors)
  • Landscaping, Grounds Management, Contract Services, Snow Removal
  • Fleet Vehicle Administration
  • Life Safety Controls (Fire/Sprinkler/ADA Compliance)
  • Permits (Building Code, Electrical, Elevator, Mechanical)