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MCAD'S Bee Hives

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MCAD's Bees
In 2014, two bee hives were added to the 3rd floor rooftop at MCAD, thanks to the efforts of MCAD Printshop Director Diana Eicher. Over the past four years they have been maintained and monitored by MCAD staff and partners from the University of Minnesota Bee Squad's Hive to Bottle Program. To promote awareness about Colony Collapse Disorder and a greater understanding of human dependence on healthy pollinator communities, the MCAD Printshop and the MCAD Bee Club host on-campus honey tastings, workshops, and even valentines.

In summer 2016, the two colonies of bees were divided into two more. As the roof at MCAD could not hold the new colonies, the University of Minnesota Bee Squad allowed the hives to be placed at the Bee Vets Apiary at the Minneapolis/St. Paul Airport. MCAD MFA student Joel Terry decorated the hives with a special spray-painted design. Decorating the hives helps the bees determine to which hive they need to return.

Hundreds of pounds of honey have been produced, some sold to the MCAD community and some saved for the bees. The Bee Squad lets the bees keep most of their honey for winter.

Staff and students assist with filling honey jars. All sales of MCAD honey and related merchandise directly support the ongoing maintenance of these hives.

Learn more about the University of Minnesota Bee Squad, go to

If you are interested in the MCAD Bee Club, please stop by a Bee Club meeting, to see what the Bee Club is all about! No obligation to join! For more details, please contact the two Bee Club leaders:

Kyra Nygard,

Izze Gloss,