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Cintiqs Installed in MCAD Facilities FAQ

Q: I want to use an MCAD Cintiq in a computer lab or studio, but there's no Cintiq pen at the station. How do I get one?

A: Cintiq pens can be checked out at the Media Center, located on the 3rd floor in room 309. These items are reservable, so you will need to place a reservation before you pick one up. For more information see this guide. There are different pens for different models, so make sure to get a pen that matches the Cintiq you will be using.


Q: I know what room I'm going to be in, but I'm not sure which model Cintiq is installed there. Which Cintiq pen should I get?

A: Please refer to the table below. If your room is not listed, the Cintiq model will be a 22HD.

RoomCintiq Model(s) in Room
343 - Animation Studio16HD, 22HD, 27QHD
122 - Comic Studio22HD, 27QHD
Any Other Room22HD


Q: Are pens interchangeable between Cintiqs at MCAD?

A: Of the models we have installed, only the 16HD pens are exclusive to their model. The 22HD and 27QHD pens will work interchangably, but not with the 16HD.

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