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Class Server

Class Server

Your class may make use of a class server for handouts and turning in assignments. Your instructor will notify you if your class uses one. You will log in to any class servers with your MCAD Login credentials.

The following instructions are meant for Mac users only. If you're not on a Mac, take a look at our article about connecting to MCAD servers from a Windows computer.

Class servers are locked and reset at the end of each term, one week before the beginning of the following term, at which point the new term's class folders will also become available. Please be sure to retrieve and save any files you want to keep from past class folders before this change is made.

At this time, the class servers have no fixed restrictions on storage space. We expect to continue to support this policy as long as storage usage remains within reasonable bounds. However, the class servers are not meant for personal data management and this policy may be subject to change. Students in animation classes have additional storage space available to them on the Animation Server. For more information on this, see the "Animation Server" section below.

To access your Class Server folder at MCAD:

  • From the Finder, pull down Go > Connect to Server. The Connect to Server window appears. Enter the following settings:
  • In the Server Address field, enter ''
  • Click "Connect" in the lower right corner of the window.
  • Sign in with your MCAD Login - make sure you use your short username / password combo (e.g. rmoranis / <password>).
  • The volume will now appear on the desktop, named Class Server Share.
  • Select from the folder hierarchy to find your class. Class folders are named by course code and class name. You will see all classes listed, but you will only have access to the classes in which you are enrolled.

To access your Class Server folder off campus:

You do not have to use an OSX SFTP client to access academic servers from off-campus.  The ultra-friendly “Go > Connect to Server” window option in the Finder will work just fine. To access the servers off campus from a Windows computer, follow the instructions in this article.

Inside your Class server, you'll see several folders:

  • Class Resources, where the instructor can place files for students to access. Students have read-only access to any files in this folder (can not remove, alter, or delete files inside).
  • Drop Box, where students can drop off files to hand in. Students can only write stuff here, but not see what's inside. The instructor can see the contents and clean/move/delete as needed.
  • Playground, where anything goes. The instructor or any student in the class can create/add/delete files in this folder.
  • Private, only the faculty member teaching this class will have access to the folder contents.
  • public_html, where files placed within are available online in a web browser. More specifically you can access this by typing this url into a browser window: , by replacing coursenumber with your own course number.
  • i.e. If I am taking Intro to Film (course number "film200001") and I place a file named "" in my Class server public_html folder, I could access it and share it by visiting

The Animation Server

In recent years, MCAD has introduced the Animation Server to supplement class server storage needs for students in the animation department. This server exists in addition to the normal class servers of each animation class, as animators tend to need support for larger quantities of data.

If you are currently enrolled in an animation class, you should have access to the Animation Server with your MCAD Login credentials. To connect to the Animation server, use the same method listed above (open Finder, Go > Connect to Server) but enter the address "" instead of "". As on the class server, animation students will have the ability to create/add/delete files in the Playground folder, and read-only access to the Resources folder. Please do not alter or move the files of other students in the Playground folder.

At this time, we ask that you do not store over 15gb of your own data on the animation server. If you have uploaded more than this quantity of data, you may be contact and asked to remove it. Especially towards the end of the semester, excess data on the Animation Server can mean that others will not be able to use the server and may put your own data at risk of being corrupted. For questions relating to the Animation Server or Class Servers, contact

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