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External Storage Troubleshooting

External Storage Troubleshooting

If your external hard drive is not showing up in your computer please try the following steps:           

  • Before doing anything else, try shutting down the computer, powering down the external drive, and unplugging the drive's cables from both the drive and the computer.
  • Start up the computer and power up the external drive separately; don't plug your drive into the computer just yet.
  • After the computer has finished booting up, plug one end of the drive's cable into the drive.
  • Plug the other end of the drive's cable into the computer. The drive should soon appear. 

If this doesn't work, unplug the drive and visit Computer Support (room 319). We can assist by attempting to revive the drive using DiskWarrior. If this fails, you will have to take your drive into a computer repair shop. Hopefully they can retrieve any stored data and the drive can be reformatted. Always remember to keep a backup of your data (i.e. the data should exist in two places)!


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