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Game Consoles & Smart TVs

Game Consoles & Smart TVs

Some game consoles provide network connectivity by way of Ethernet (wired) adapter or wireless adapter. If you would like to get your game console on the MCAD network, MCAD Technology recommends you connect to our wired network via Ethernet wherever possible.

Some locations do not have wired networking jacks, in which case the only way to get your device online is via the wireless network. MCAD Technology does not offer its fullest resources for making your game console work on our network, but does allow you to connect to the MCAD-Residence wireless network. This network is only available for use by secondary devices in the MCAD dorms, and not anywhere else on campus. To request access to this network, please provide your device's MAC/hardware address to MCAD Help Desk (

Please consult the device manufacturers website to learn how to retrieve the MAC address. Addresses are generally in this format: 12:3a:43:e3:ff:8b.



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