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Help! My online class requires scanning and posting images to the Discussion Board. I've got a scanner and Photoshop, but I'm having problems figuring out how to save the files properly, in a "web ready" format.

Here are quick steps for creating JPEGs:

1. Open Adobe Photoshop.

2. Click the File menu, select Open, and locate your image.

3. Once your image is open, click the File menu and select Export and then Save for Web (Legacy).

4. Select JPEG, select MEDIUM or HIGH, and uncheck the OPTIMIZED box.

5. Your IMAGE SIZE should be no larger than 500 px in either the width or the height boxes.

Saving Image for the Web

6. Click SAVE.

7. Use a proper file name when saving. No spaces (use_these_line_breaks) and no special characters (%$&#*^$).

8. Close your original image without saving to preserve/protect your image.

So you're totally new to digital imaging, but you realize that you need this basic skill to succeed in your online course?

Here are some online resources that will help you understand JPEG Compression:

If you are still uncertain about the basics of creating web-ready images for use in Blackboard, please contact We'll enroll you in a free self-paced workshop, devoted to the art of making JPGs. On-campus students should stop by the office for a 1-on-1 demo.

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