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How can I have a color laser print of my file made?

Inexpensive color printing can be done through the Service Bureau or Library using one of the Konica color laser printers.

  1. Choose File > Page Setup.
  2. Select the paper size ("US Letter" for 8.5 x 11, 12x18 may be "Tabloid Oversized" or "12x18", Super B/A3 for 13x19[SB only]) and orientation you want to print on.
  3. Under the _Format for_ list, choose "SB_Konica_Color" or "Library_Konica_Color." Press OK.
  4. Some programs, such as Photoshop, allow you to preview your file before you print. To do so, choose File > Print With Preview.
    • From here you can make final size modifications. Click Done or Cancel at right to close the preview window and readjust your file if necessary.
  5. With the document still open, select File > Print.
  6. Under the drop down list to the right of "Printer", choose "SB_Konica_Color" or "Library_Konica_Color."
  7. Choose the number of prints you wish to have made under "Copies".
  8. If you need to have your file duplexed (printed on both sides) check out these instructions.
  9. Click the Print button.
  10. Head down to the Service Bureau to pay for and pick up your color documents or release your prints to the Library Konica yourself.
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