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How do I login to Blackboard? What's my password?

Blackboard is MCAD's platform for learning online. To login to Blackboard, go to You will need your MCAD username and password to login.

I. Get your MCAD Username

The week before your course begins, you should have an email with your MCAD username.

Usernames are created from the first character of your first name followed by your full last name. The first character of your username will be the first character of your preferred/first name. If you have a preferred name (ie: Bob instead of Robert) on record with the Records Office, the first character will be the first letter of that name (B instead of R).

Anthony "Tony"Brian= tbrian

Jane Smith = jsmith

In the event of username conflicts, the last 3 digits of the MCAD ID Number are appended to the username.

JoeSmithID=1103456 = jsmith456

II. Set your MCAD Password

Blackboard uses the same password as MCAD email and most other MCAD systems. If you don't know your password, or if you are an MCAD Continuing Education student, you will probably need to set your password by following steps:

1. Go to and click the Forgot Your Password? link on the Blackboard login page.

2. Enter your MCAD user name, student ID and date of birth.

4. Check your personal email for a message from MCAD with a link for resetting your password. Note: The email is the same email on file with Records. If your secondary email has changed, please contact and the Records office will let you know how to update your information.


5. Click the link in the email and type in your new password.

After entering valid data, your password should be activated both for your Blackboard and MCAD email Log-in.

Note: Once you have your new password, you should be able to login to Blackboard. Even though you'll be able to login, remember that you won't see your course in Blackboard until the SUNDAY before the official start date. We'll send you an email Sunday inviting you to login and get started in Blackboard.

To change your password:

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