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How do I post an image?

You can post both local files that are stored on your computer and images located on the web. Please make sure that your image is correctly formatted before you attach it to a post.

Click the "Insert Image" icon then browse for your image.

Browse for images saved on your computer or enter the URL of images on the web. Fill in the IMAGE DESCRIPTION. This could be the source of the image or other pertinent information.

You have the option to change the alignment of the text around your image. In the APPEARANCE tab click to set the alignment.

Hint: It may be easiest to change the alignment after all text is entered into your post.

This is also where you can change the dimensions of your image (but do not allow this to be a short cut for correctly formatting in Photoshop!)


To edit images you have posted, click on the image within your post then click the "Insert Image" icon to change settings.

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