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How do I print a black and white document using the Service Bureau laser printers (tabloid 11" x 17" size)?

To add or select a printer to print to:

  1. Begin by opening the file you want to print. Choose File > Page Setup.
  2. Under Paper Size, drop down and change the setting from US Letter to Tabloid (or Ledger). Click OK.
  3. Choose File > Print. The Print dialog box will open.
  4. Under the drop down list to the right of "Printer", choose the printer you want to print to. For printing to the Service Bureau, choose "SB-BW-11x17". (the 3rd and 4th floor copiers, as well as the copier in the Library will also print on 11x17 paper)
  5. Click the Print button.
  6. Head down to the Service Bureau. Prints sent to the black and white laser printer must be released from a queue first. Locate the iMac on the table along the wall to the left of the main entrance. Find your file listed on that iMac. Click the Print button next to your file. The print will be released from the printer to the left of the iMac.
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