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How do I upload course materials (like my Syllabus ) to Blackboard?

First, here are instructions on how to use the Faculty Syllabus Template.

Before you get started uploading your syllabus be sure to have saved your syllabus file on your computer as a PDF, which can be done in Word. A PDF ensures that the students will see the syllabus exactly as you wish them to view it. Then_.

Once you are in the course you would like to upload a syllabus in, be sure to switch your Edit Mode ON.

Click on Syllabus in your Course Menu

This brings you to the place where you will be adding your syllabus _ Click on Create Item.

Then you have to Name your new item and you can attach a local file, for example your syllabus, to the post by browsing your computer files.


Click the Submit Button and you_re done!

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