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How to Install and Activate Dragonframe 4


1.     Download and Install Dragon Frame 4

a.     Navigate to the Dragonframe website.
b.     Select Downloads on the top tab.

c.     Select the download for macOS 10.8+

d.     Save the .pkg to your computer
e.     Open Dragonframe_4.0.1.pkg when it is finished downloading
f.      Select Continue
g.     Select Continue
h.     Select Agree if you agree to the terms and conditions.
i.      Select Install

i.     Enter your computer password/fingerprint if needed

j.      After the installer is finished, select Close.

i.     Move the installer to the Trash

2.     Activate Dragonframe 4

a.     Open Dragonframe 4 from the applications folder
b.     Click in the Activate Full Mode

c.     Enter the serial code provided in your stopmotion kit.

i.     If your Serial Code is missing or invalid, contact the Animation Specialist for assistance.

d.     Enter your name in Register To
e.     Enter your email in the Email box.
f.      Select Activate
g.     Dragonframe 4 is now activated.


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