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How to Install and Activate Maya 2019.2


I.         Remove the Previous Version of Maya

a.     If you do not have a previous version of Maya (2018 and below) installed, move to section II
b.     Navigate to /Applications/Autodesk

c.     Right-click on the maya201X folder, select Move to Trash.
d.     On the Dock, right-click on the Trash and select Empty Trash.  A pop-up will appear, confirm the action by selecting Empty Trash
II.         Obtain License for Maya 2019.2
a.     Navigate to the Autodesk Education homepage.
b.     Select the Head Icon to login/create your account.
c.     Type in your email, select NEXT. Type in your Autodesk password, select SIGN IN.
                                               i.     If you do not have an Autodesk account, select Create Account
                                             ii.     Select United State for Country of Education, Student for Educational Role, and enter your Date of Birth.
                                            iii.     Enter the required information including your MCAD.EDU email address.  Click the Create button.
                                            iv.     Navigate to your MCAD email account, open the Verification email sent from Autodesk, select the Verification Link to activate your Autodesk Account.
d.     On the main Education Community page, select Free Software,  then select Maya.

e.     Select the Versions dropdown, select Maya 2019.
f.      For the Operating System dropdown, select Mac OS X.
g.     For the Language dropdown, select English (or your preferred language).
h.     A Serial Number and Product Key will be generated, and emailed to you.
NOTE: If you already have Maya 2018.1 installed on your computer, you can skip to step s in section III.

III. Download and Install Maya 2019.2

a.     Navigate to the Autodesk homepage.
b.     Select the Head Icon, sign in  then select Manage Products and Downloads

c.     Type in your email, select NEXT. Type in your Autodesk password, select SIGN IN.
d.     Select All Products and Services
e.     Select the License Type, select the Standalone (#) option.
f.      Select Maya, the select the Updates & Add-Ons.
g.     Maya 2019.2 should be available.
h.     Select Start Download.
i.     Save the file to your Downloads folder.
j.     Navigate to your Downloads folder, double-click on the .dmg
k.     Double Click on Install Maya 2019.2.
l.     If a security warning window pops up, select Open.
m.      In the Installation window, select Continue.
n.     Check the I ACCEPT bubble, then select Continue.
o.      Ensure Macintosh HD is selected for the volume to be installed on, then select Continue
p.     Ensure all components are selected, then select Continue.
q.     A login window will appear, enter your username and password and select OK.
r.   After the Installation is complete, select Done.
s.     Navigate to /Applications/Autodesk/maya2019 and open Maya 2019.
t.     A window will pop up, select Enter Product Information
u.     Enter in the serial key from your previous version of Maya 2019.
i.     To find your serial code, navigate to the Autodesk homepage
ii.     Select the Head Icon
iii.     Enter your email, select NEXT.  Enter in your password, select SIGN IN. Click on the Head Icon, select Manage Products and Downloads
iv.     Click on the License Type filter dropdown, select Standalone (#).
v.     Select Maya to expand the window.  The serial number should be in the expanded window.
v.  Confirm all the fields have been filled, then select Next.
w.  Select Finish.
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