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Video Conferencing at MCAD and Beyond

Video Conferencing at MCAD – Recommendations and System Requirements



GoToMeeting is the supported video conferencing system at MCAD. While we will do our best to provide support for other platforms (Skype, etc.) we strongly encourage using GoToMeeting.



If you are booking a room at MCAD through the Room Reservation Form, and need video conferencing services for the event, please select the “AV technician requested” option and note in the AV technician request box that you need video conferencing assistance.


If requesting video conferencing assistance outside of the Room Reservation Form, please email at least three business days in advance of your call date.


To help provide an optimal video call experience, the MCAD Help Desk has a dedicated video conference laptop and several camera and microphone options. When your support needs are assessed prior to your event date, the most appropriate hardware will be determined and provided to you.


System Requirements:

All participants of the video call must meet the system requirements for the event to be a success. While we can generally ensure a fast and stable Internet connection here at MCAD, if the person on the other end of the call is in a location with slow, spotty, or otherwise unstable network there is little we can do to ensure a satisfactory . The following requirements highlight recommendations that need to be met by all parties participating in the call.


Network Requirements:

It is strongly suggested you use a wired Ethernet connection. If your room does not have an Ethernet connection, MCAD’s Wi-Fi may be used. Likewise, for the other member’s of your call, it is recommended that they are using a wired Ethernet connection at their location. If this is not possible, a stable broadband Wi-Fi connection should suffice.


GoToMeeting requires a stable internet connection of 1Mbps or higher.


To verify the network speed ahead of the call, a bandwidth test should be performed. Visit and click the “Go” button. Note the download/upload speeds and confirm they are higher than the minimum requirement of 1Mbps for both.


It is also recommended that all connected parties close applications not needed for the video call and suspend other network-related actions on their computers (downloading files, streaming music, etc.) during the call.


System Requirements for GoToMeeting:


Operating System:

Mac OS X 10.9 (Mavericks) - 10.13 (High Sierra)

Windows 7 - WIndows 10



2GB or more of RAM


Web Browser:

Google Chrome v57 or later

Mozilla Firefox v52 or later

Internet Explorer 11 or later


Internet Connection:

1 Mbps or better (broadband recommended)

3G connection or better for Chromebooks (WiFi recommended)


Camera and microphone:

Most webcams built into current generation computers are adequate to facilitate a video call. If you wish to increase the quality however, it is suggested you (and the other participants) use dedicated external webcam devices. The MCAD AV Technician that assists you can provide a camera and microphone system appropriate for the room and number of participants.


Location considerations:

  • For best results, try to set up in a quiet, well-lit room.

  • Ensure that you are not overly backlit by a large window behind you. Oftentimes webcams will expose for these light sources and leave the subject (you) too dark.

  • Speak clearly and loudly so that the microphone can best pick up your voice. Ask your other participants to do the same.

  • Try to minimize background noise as much as possible. Close doors to outside hallways.

  • Move closer to the camera/microphone if it’s not picking you up clearly.

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