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Vinyl and Paper Cutting

You can have your designs or type cut out of paper or adhesive-backed vinyl. Paper cutting is $3 per linear foot (not including the cost of any prints) and Vinyl cutting is $5 per linear foot.

Turnaround time for both paper and vinyl cutting is 48 hours. Weeding of vinyl cuts is an additional 24 hours - complete vinyl cut, weed, and tape is a total of 72 hours. NO RUSH ORDERS.

Our production capabilities for this service are on the small side. We cannot accept orders greater than 20 feet in total length. (The company Fastsigns has been recommended by Academic Services as an external vendor.)


Vinyl and Paper Cutter File Setup Guidelines

   • Illustrator files ONLY!

   • All designs must be closed vector paths with no overlapping paths. Strokes and text must be converted to outlines.

   • It helps to open the file in Illustrator and go to View > Outline. The cutter will cut all the lines you see. Make sure there are no extraneous paths or points.

   • Maximum width is 12”. Longest roll we stock is 10 feet but we recommend dividing large files up into smaller segments to avoid the cutter drifting out of alignment.

   • For paper cutting orders you will need to design a template to align your cuts with the supplied material.

   • Talk to us well in advance if you have a large quantity order.

Your job will be supplied to you cut, with all the vinyl still intact. Your vinyl still needs to be weeded and tape must be applied before it is ready to be put on the wall.



To "weed" a vinyl job means to remove the excess vinyl from the liner, leaving only your words and designs. Weeding is $5 per linear foot.


Weeding Your Vinyl Yourself

It’s easy and saves you time and money!

   • Go slowly. Work in small sections and peel the material off a little at a time.

   • Use a clean, sharp knife. A dull knife will result in accidental cuts or rough edges.

   • The smaller the type or more detailed the pattern, the more difficult it will be. If you're new to weeding, you may want to practice with simpler designs first.


Weeding by the Service Bureau

The Service Bureau will weed cut vinyl up to 12" x 60" or 5 feet. We will NOT weed text with a font point size below 36 for san serif type or 48 for serif type. Depending on your text size/design, we reserve the right to refuse this service due to space and staffing limitations.



Tape must be applied over the vinyl to hold the pieces in place and transfer them from the liner on to the wall. Taping is even easier than weeding. We will provide you with tape, squeegees for pressing the tape to the vinyl and removing bubbles, and lots of tips and tricks. Or we can do it for you, after weeding, at no cost (because it's that easy).



We won't install the vinyl for you, but here's some good advice on how to make it go smoothly:

   • Clean the wall. Vinyl doesn't stick well to grime. Recommended: isopropyl alcohol and paper towels.

   • Remove the lining slowly so as not to accidently peel the vinyl off the application tape.

   • Use a credit card or squeegee to make sure the vinyl is stuck to the wall before removing the application tape. Start at one side and work your way across.

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