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Attn: JUNIORS! Want to study off-campus!??

Hello Juniors!

If you have thought of studying overseas OR through AICAD Exchange, this is the semester to apply!

Take a look at all of our programs HERE!

Off-campus study is a great way to dabble outside your major, obtain personal growth and independence and experience an adventure away from MCAD!

Here are the fun facts & requirements to study off-campus:
  • You need a 3.0 cumulative GPA (2.0 for AICAD) to apply
  • You need to be at 60 credits
  • Junior status- You'll go Spring semester
  • You'll earn 15 studio elective credits (make sure you have the room in your degree audit!)
  • No additional tuition costs
  • you can use your aid & scholarships the same as if you were on-campus
  • Don't worry too much about which majors can go to which programs. You're going to earn elective credits, so if you want to dabble in something else, DO IT! If you want to take classes in your major that are similar to what we offer at MCAD - stay here, or do AICAD Exchange! If you want to have an adventure of a lifetime that widens your world view, enhances your creative mind, strengthens your independence and travel the world - GO OFF-CAMPUS!
Application info:
  • Applications will be available at the Club Fair at noon Tuesday, September 4. Stop by our Off-Campus table to talk to the Off-Campus Ambassadors and get your questions answered!
  • Applications due September, 20 by NOON to Student Affairs!
  • AICAD Exchange deadline is November 1 (the school you choose is the one to accept or deny you, not MCAD)
  • Interviews will be held on September 25.
  • We have a new program in Jerusalem, Israel!

Come learn more about it on Friday, September 7 from 12:00-1:00 in the College Center from our two Bezelel exchange students! Have questions??

Set up a meeting with me- Britt in Student Affairs! Email me at Not a Junior yet? Come see me in the spring! Do you have Instagram? Check out our new Off-Campus account - MCADOffCampus to see all the adventures from our Off-Campus Ambassadors last semester.

Happy Trails!~Britt

Thursday, August 30