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Final Reminder: Summer Tuition is Due This Friday, May 24th

Summer tuition and fees are due on or before this Friday, May 24, 2019 to avoid the mandatory late payment charge of $250.   
For students enrolled in summer courses or internships (excluding MFA students enrolled in the summer Graduate Teaching seminar) your MAXPay balance reflects summer tuition and fees, pending summer financial aid, and any outstanding charges or credit balances posted to your account from the previous semester.
Please note that summer registrations will be canceled for all unpaid balances, (including late payment charges), after June 7, 2019.
Please follow the steps below to view and pay your summer tuition.


1. Students, please login to myMCAD.. Parents who have activated their MAXPay accounts will login, here.
NOTE: Authorized parents that have activated their own MCAD username and password must login from the myMCAD Parent Dashboard to view and pay student account balances.
2. After login, click, 'Launch MAXPay'. 
3. To view your summer charges, click 'View Transactions'.
4. To pay your summer tuition and fees, click the 'Pay' shortcut located next to your balance on the MAX Main page, or select, 'Payments & Deposits' from the Main Menu bar to view your payment options.
5. To authorize parent and/or 3rd party payers to access your student account, you must complete an online FERPA form for each user.

6. Students registered for 6 or more credits may be eligible to receive financial aid for the summer term (see below). 
7. Please note, the summer 2019 MAXPlan Monthly Installment Plan is available for enrollment. The cost to enroll is $30, which will be included with your first payment which is due on or before May 24, 2019.
IMPORTANT: Students registered for at least 6 summer credit hours, who wish to apply for summer financial aid, must contact the financial aid office (email or call (612) 874-3782before the end of the day today. Monday, May 21, 2018
If you have questions about your charges or need general assistance, please contact MCAD Student Accounts @, or by calling toll-free, 1-800-874-6223, Ext. 3, M-F, 9:00 am - 5:00 pm, CST
Tuesday, May 21