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FormZ Licensing and Updates

Hello everyone,

This is a reminder that anyone on an older version of the MCAD software build will find their license of FormZ expiring on Friday, August 31st.

This problem does not affect anyone who has already updated to this semester's (Fall 2018) software build, or any adjuncts / new students that just received a laptop from MCAD last week. Full-time faculty (including those that replaced their machines with us earlier this summer) and returning MCAD students should consider booking time to get their computers re-imaged with the latest software package we provide at the Help Desk. This process has the benefit of updating all of the software on your machine while also ensuring a current license to FormZ is pre-installed.

A note, though, as we've seen in the past this license can sometimes be a bit unstable even with thorough testing on our part. If you or anyone you know encounters licensing issues during the semester, reach out to us ( and we'll forward a link to a KB article with licensing information.

Let us know if you need anything else and have a great semester.

All the best,
Your friends at the Help Desk

Thursday, August 30