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Hey MCAD, get your vote on!

We are less than a month out until Election Day and MCAD will again be serving as a polling place for Minneapolis Ward 10, Precinct 9. This handy-dandy email is a quick rundown of what y’all need to know. 

Registration Deadline

Minnesota’s deadline for pre-registration is fast-approaching. You can check if you are registered at If you’re not, you can register online at the same website. It’s easy and only takes a few minutes. If you miss the pre-registration deadline, you can also register to vote on Election Day at the polls. But! Registering ahead of time really does help move things along at the polls on Election Day, so I encourage everyone to do so.

MCAD and Voting

Pre-Election Day

Minnesota allows voters to cast their ballots early, either via mail or in-person. I’ve voted early via mail for the past three elections and I really like it for a couple of reasons. First, when you fill out your ballot at home, if there’s a candidate or issue you’re not sure about, you can use the Google to do your research and make an informed choice. Second, more people voting early means fewer people in the lines on Election Day. Plus, when you vote via mail, you can track your ballot using this web tool. It will confirm when ballot has been accepted.

Student affairs has been doing awesome work to get MCADians to vote. In addition to the voting registration drive he organized last week, Brett Smith is working to arrange transportation for students to go to City Hall to vote early in-person the week before the election. That’s right y’all, MCAD VOTEMOBILE! It’s like a party bus for democracy. And by “party bus” I mean “MCAD van,” but still. Brett will be sending more info about that in the weeks to come.

Our web team has updated All information on there is current, and it includes a whole bunch of useful information, including everything you need to bring with you to vote on Election Day. 

Election Day Voting

Students who live on campus will vote at MCAD on Election Day. Students who do not live on campus should find their voting locations by using the Minnesota Secretary of State’s polling place finder. Students who attend MCAD but do not live within Minneapolis Ward 10, Precinct 9, are not allowed to vote on campus. They must vote at the polling place for the neighborhood in which they live.

DesignWorks is producing a whole boatload of signage so that the Main Building will look great and be easy for our neighbors to navigate. We’re once again doing custom “I Voted at MCAD” stickers, and we’ll be doing a selfie wall near Auditorium 150.

A couple of quick notes about polling place behavior:

  • On Election Day, please do not photograph any voters waiting in line or voting. They have the right to do so in privacy. Also, under MN law, it’s illegal to show your completed ballots to other people, and taking a photo of your ballot may violate that statue.
  • The cafeteria will be open, but because we are anticipating a lot of traffic in the college center that day, we encourage people to not loiter unnecessarily in the area.
  • Minnesota has updated its law regarding campaigning in the polling place. You cannot display campaign T-shirts, buttons, or literature which relate to specific candidates, official political parties, or ballot questions on the ballot that day. So, if Brett wanted to wear his stylin’ vintage “Michael Dukakis for President” t-shirt that day, that would be allowed because Dukakis isn’t on the ballot this election and no party is mentioned on the t-shirt. But you still can’t wear any buttons or t-shirts from political campaigns from this cycle.

We will be sending out more info in the weeks leading up the election. If anyone has any questions, please contact either myself or Brett Smith.

Thanks for reading! Here’s a sassy voting gif as a reward:

Tuesday, October 9