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Information on Pitches and Prizes

  • Pitches are strictly limited to 5 minutes, with an additional 5 minutes for Q&A. Be sure to practice and time yourself. While teams may apply, we suggest you choose one individual to present and then invite the whole team to answer questions.
  • Judges from the community, including entrepreneurs, changemakers, and MCAD alumni will select the top three winners.  The competition audience will select a favorite to win a smaller prize.
  • Pitches must have an accompanying visual to project (presentation slides, images) and must include the following information:
    • Problem being addressed
    • Product or service being provided
    • How much money is needed to launch the idea
    • How much money the idea may make in the first 2 years (It’s okay if your idea isn’t profitable or isn’t meant to make a profit, we’re interested in if it is a financially sustainable idea. If it doesn’t make any money at all, explain why).
    • If applicable, how many members of the community will be positively impacted in the first year if you are able to launch it?
    • The role of artists and designers in your idea and any creative impact or outcomes
    • Who you and your team are, relevant background info, why you are the ones to make this idea amazing
    • How your idea embodies environmental sustainability
    • Why your idea is important and should win!
  • Prize Categories:
    • A panel of judges will select the top three winners based on the idea's uniqueness, viability, and substantial impact for artists.  The audience will also vote for its favorite!
    • Grand Prize: $2500
    • Second Place: $1250
    • Third Place: $750
    • Crowd Favorite: Highest vote getter that is not 1st, 2nd or 3rd place winner: $500